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March 16, 2021 14 min read

After you've given birth, your body is going to go through an array of changes.

That certainly deserves your fullest attention. 

And what better way than an appropriate abdominal belt after pregnancy, right?

You would often have been advised to invest in the best pregnancy belly support band.

But have you questioned how they work and how they will benefit you?

Postpartum, your body won't be looking the same since you will tend to have loose skin, your joints will be under pressure, and your pelvis would have widened.

Therefore, instead of investing in the best body wraps for loose skin, support girdle for hips, and several other pregnancy shapewear, we suggest you get a...

3 in 1 postpartum belly/waist/pelvis shapewear to deal with all issues at once.

In this article, we will discuss a variety of questions, such as do postpartum belts work? How you should go about wrapping your stomach after birth?

Continue reading to get all the post-pregnancy body wrap info you will ever need.

A pregnant woman before using her waist trainer after birth and before uncovering wraps that burn belly fat.

What You Need After Giving Birth

Your body is at its most vulnerable right after you’ve given birth.

You would require intensive post c section support to get you through a physically, mentally, and emotionally overwhelming or challenging time.

Have a look below for a list of the essential post partum supplies and equipment you will need:

  • Maternity pads
  • Mesh underwear
  • Tucks pads
  • A squirt bottle or a peri bottle.
  • Disposable washcloths
  • Numbing agents and baby-friendly drugs.
  • A sitz bath
  • Chaux pads
  • Stool Softener
  • A donut pillow.
  • Breast pads
  • Compression belt after c section
  • Healthy food, drinks, and snacks
  • Sanitized surroundings


Postpartum Belt Benefits - Should You Use Them?

Commonly known as body wraps, we do get asked this at times: 'are body wraps bad for you after pregnancy?'

Your answer to ‘are body wraps healthy’ lies in the way you use them to prevent experiencing the side effects of body wraps.

It is necessary to use a baby belly band or body wrap with utmost care.

Using body wraps after pregnancy has been proven to be very beneficial for most women. If you use a stomach compression band or postpartum girdle properly, the benefits far outweighs the side effects.

Let us look at some of the most common benefits of using compression garments after c section:

  • Pain Reduction: Using products such as a corset belly band or compression belts after c section is proven to reduce postpartum pain. It will reduce your pain from walking, sneezing, and coughing, amongst other things. We will discuss this in more detail in a later section.

  • Ease in Feeding: Feeding a baby can be exhausting because of the abdomen and back pain you’re likely to experience. Using a compression girdle after c section will provide the required back, abdomen, and pelvis support. A csection belt will allow you to sit upright for an extended period.

  • Quicker Healing: With the appropriate compression for stomach, your csection incision will heal much faster. Compression belts improve the blood flows in your abdominal region, reducing the swelling around the area in question.

  • Speeds up the Diastasis Recti Recovery: You can buy an abdominal binder for diastasis recti, allowing the gap to heal faster. We recommend using a corset for diastasis recti to get enough compression for recovery.

  • Body Shaping After Pregnancy: A body shaper for pregnant women is a heaven-sent gift. Post partum shapers allow a new mom to feel in shape and have improved postpartum body image. Moreover, post partum belts allow the body to get into its natural shape quicker than the natural process.


All the Shapewear After Pregnancy Options You Have

Have you yearned to fast-forward to your body after baby shapewear? Then it's time to get your postpartum body all the support it needs.

Your options may vary when you search! From postpartum faja, postpartum compression shorts, waist compression wrap, belly corset, and after cesarean section belt, you have many options to choose from.

Getting overwhelmed by the sheer variety of postpartum recovery garment is obvious. Therefore, we have classified the best postpartum shapewear in simple categories for you to understand.

Each category is different as the postpartum compression garment worn and the amount of compression it provides.

Consider the one postpartum body shapewear that you’re most comfortable with.

After Baby Belly Bands or Post Pregnancy Belly Wraps

The most common post pregnancy shapewear includes postnatal belly bands or a postnatal wrap.

This shapewear features a wide elastic band for stomach that stretches to their full extent to wrap your body into its natural and comfortable shape.

These products use a velcro belly band to fasten around your body. The adjustable belly band allows you to be comfortable in your after birth body shaper.

This is the best postpartum belly support option since it doesn’t re-shape but supports your body.

Your C section Postpartum Girdle

A post c section girdle is similar to an after c section belly band. However, the difference lies in the level of compression provided by both the after pregnancy compression garments.

You can either opt for a wrap around girdle, a velcro girdle, or a hook-and-eye girdle. The only problem with wearing a girdle after birth is that the tummy support could get too tight for postnatal comfort.

To look for the best postpartum girdle according to your body, you must be careful while looking at the sizing charts.

We recommend using a plus size post pregnancy girdle to get into one very comfortably. Your aim should be to seek post c section belly support instead of fitting into a tight size, causing extra pain.

Post Baby Corsets

Wearing pregnancy corsets are very similar to wearing faja after pregnancy.

They are both used for post pregnancy waist training and postnatal belly binding, allowing your body to get into its natural shape after birth. These are the products you’ll find if you’re looking for the best postpartum waist cincher.

These are not postpartum recovery items but fashion garments for cinching wait after pregnancy.

Since most new mothers require postpartum tummy support instead of a postpartum waist cincher, we do not recommend you to wear a corset after pregnancy for at least a few weeks.

Postpartum Compression Tank

If you’re looking for a torso wrap, postpartum compression tanks are commonly what you’ll come across.

They can act as a postpartum full body shaper since wearing a compression tank top postpartum does not only offer postpartum tummy control but also acts as a breast wrap after birth.

Bodywraps or body suit after pregnancy are a popular choice among women looking for a c section abdominal binder. This is because they are comfortable and a safe c section shapewear for all sizes.

Postpartum women of different skin tones wearing postpartum shapewear after pregnancy or commonly known as post pregnancy shapewear.


11 Benefits Of Your Best Post Pregnancy Shapewear

3 in 1 Best Postpartum Belly Wrap for C section

You can read the best postpartum girdle reviews and try out the post natal waist shaper and post pardum girdle most people recommend you.

However, no post partum belly band or post partum shaper will give you as much comfort as the 3-in-1 Best Postpartum Belly Wrap.

Let's discuss why this product is best for new postpartum belly mom.

Your #1 Benefit - Soft Fabric

An important thing to consider while buying a belly shaper after pregnancy is to see how soft the material is.

Take note that you will not want to use a parental belly binding solution that feels uncomfortable on your belly. Using a soft fabric csection girdle or delivery belt allows for comfortable shaping and recovery.

Your #2 Benefit - Breathability

A recurring issue with any postpartum items is that they cannot be used comfortably in all weathers.

The lack of breathability in most postpartum necessities makes them feel stuffy and excessively warm in summers. Postpartum shapewear should be as breathable as this postpartum recovery belt.

The 10% recycled Polyester and 90% cotton construction of this post delivery belt allows maximum breathability.

Therefore, your postpartum waist training can be as comfortable as possible with this postpartum waistband.

Your #3 Benefit - Comfortable Size

Most girdles for pregnant women negate the importance of size.

A good girdle after giving birth is the one that can be adjusted in size and compression. This girdle for c section allows you to choose between two convenient sizes.

The large size caters to women below 190 lbs, while the plus size post partum belly wrap is ideal for any woman over 200 lbs.

Your #4 Benefit - Shape Your Entire Torso With A 3-In-1

You will want to use a pelvic support belt postpartum along with a back supporter and post baby belly shaper.

However, instead of investing in three different products, this one encourages you to buy only one post baby shapewear to allow full body support and recovery.

This postpartum full body girdle includes a back supporter, pelvic supporter, and a belly band for c section recovery.

All of these parts are put together with a simple and adjustable hook and loop after birth belly bands.

Your #5 Benefit - Perfect Coverage

This belly band for women allows your organs to get in their place and shape as early as possible.

Therefore, by using this belly band after pregnancy, you can get full body support and coverage at ease.

Using this belly band post c section will allow your joints to feel much less pressure.

Therefore, with this post c section belly wrap, you can concentrate on nurturing your baby rather than worrying about your body.

Your #6 Benefit - Adjustability

It is essential for any post c section belly binder to be adjustable. No two postpartum bodies are the same, and it is essential to acknowledge the post c section belly band.

Post pregnancy garments are supposed to be as comfortable as possible for a speedy recovery and effective pain management.

The more adjustable the post pregnancy shape wear, the better the efficiency and usability.

Your #7 Benefit - Body Image

Most post pregnancy body wraps accelerate your postpartum body image.

Using the best binder after c section will allow you to feel better about your postpartum body as it will feel more put together.

This is the best body shaper after pregnancy since it allows you to feel comfortable while making your body look and feel much more put together than it is.

The postpartum waist wrap included in this product will work with the pelvic girdle and back support band to restore your natural body shape.

Using this postpartum wrap after c section will help you get back in your pre-pregnancy body with the help of the right nutrients and exercise.

This one of the best toning body wraps out there.

Your #8 Benefit - Comfortable Stomach Binding After Birth

One of the most important things moms need after giving birth is to relieve stress through belly binding after pregnancy.

This cesarean recovery belt is perfect for the required light compression after c section through its binding mechanism.

This csection binder will also help you get back into your pre-pregnancy clothes while providing csection support.

Your #9 Benefit - Suitable for Both Vaginal and Csection Births - Versatile Use

Even the best postpartum belly wraps tend to negate that there are two types of deliveries, to say the least.

This post delivery belly belt offers you comfort and recovery regardless of the birth you’ve had.

This versatile product can be used as a waist trainer after birth by c section or as an abdominal binder after birth through the natural process.

Your #10 Benefit - Excellent Reviews

One of the most important things to consider while buying any product is reading the maternity belly band reviews.

When you read the experiences of other women with the maternity binder or maternity wrap in question, you can understand its efficiency.

You should never buy a motherhood belly band without consulting the reviews.

This product is proven to be among the most effective body wraps since it has excellent reviews on Amazon and other websites.

It is also the most popular postpartum girdle out there.

Your #11 Benefit - Affordable Price For All New Moms

You will be surprised how much cheap body wraps to lose weight you can find in the market.

However, we are not looking for cheap wraps to lose weight, but compression wraps for stomach that can help in postpartum recovery.

This compression waist wrap serves the right purpose while being incredibly affordable.

As compared to some of the popular wraps for body support, this product will get you the most out of your money.

This body compression wrap can be bought by just about anyone but will provide a luxe belly wrap experience.

 The best postpartum compression garment designed to give you body wrapping results and answers your question of "does body wraps work" and satisfy your postpartum needs for mom.

The Science Behind Body Wraps - How Body Wraps Work

Most women want to participate in post partum belly binding but are worried about what a post partum binder might do to their body.

The body wrap results before and after will amaze you, but it is okay to be wary about body wrap side effects. It is easy to fall into a body wrap scam.

Therefore, to find a body wrap that really works, you will have to know how the wrap works.

All post baby compression garments put some light compression through their abdominal compression band on your body. An abdominal support wrap allows your body to be in its natural position.

Therefore, abdominal binding involves supporting your natural abdominal muscle until it's too tender to be contracted.

After birth belts cause an abdominal splint after pregnancy to bring the expanded muscles together.

Ab wraps allow you to be more aware of this progress since they help you sit and walk better. Using an ab binder postpartum will allow your muscles to get back to their full strength one at a time.

An abdominal wrap allows for your spine, uterus, muscles, and organs to get back into their right place. An after baby belly belt works wonders to encourage not only better shape but also health to the new mother.

The human body will make the muscles get back in their place with time. However, using after baby belly wraps or an abdominal binder post pregnancy will make the process less painful and quicker.

You can use body wraps to lose weight fast or choose wraps to reduce belly fat in less time.

Belly binding will ultimately make your body get back in shape much quicker than the natural process. However, belt binding after c section could be painful.

Therefore, you should take a few weeks for belly binding after birth.


Using the Best Belly Wraps After Pregnancy Can Help Manage Pain

No matter whether you have had a vaginal birth or a c section procedure, postpartum is painful.

Using the best body wraps for stomach can help alleviate postpartum pain. Most women who wear a binder after c section experience less pain. Studies suggest that even a cheap postpartum belly wrap is a great non-opioid way of helping with postpartum pain.

Studies suggest that using a post pregnancy binder will allow new moms to be more nurture-centric rather than pain-centric.

If you're wondering if body wraps are safe since they apply pressure on sensitive areas, do not worry. Studies suggest that a baby belly binder makes no difference in the bleeding and only works for pain alleviation.

Baby belly support bands and other belly baby wear also helps in managing pain from gas and acidity.

An exposed abdomen traps a lot of painful gas but using a tummy binder after delivery will not allow the gas to settle in one area.

Studies also suggest that using a tummy girdle after surgery will help with postpartum body image issues.

This is because you can use a belly wrap for weight loss and body shaping at the same time.

 A lady showing the benefits of weight loss wraps after using postpartum spanx and body wraps to loose inches. Using stomach wraps for weight loss helped her identify the best fat burning wraps and spa body wraps to lose inches.

Abdominal Wrap for Weight Loss After Birth

You can read several abdominal wraps for weight loss reviews on the internet and find only one conclusion.

Much like any other weight loss product, abdominal compression belts and wraps claim to be the one-stop-solution to weight loss after birth.

Therefore, you can find much more variety for a belly band for weight loss after pregnancy than belly band for c section recovery.

While many body wraps work for weight loss, you must be very careful while wrapping stomach after giving birth.

Doing so can be too pressurizing for your new postnatal body.

Some waist wraps for weight loss claim to burn fat in no time. However, we do not suggest you use fat burning belly wraps since they might cause more harm than good.

Any fat burning belly wrap will allow your skin to feel smooth and nice. However, using a compression garment after c section might be much more effective than a fat burning wrap.

The body wraps safe to use after pregnancy will never apply anything other than light compression on your sensitive body.

Therefore, it is not advisable to trust self-advertised body wraps that help you lose weight.

The body wraps that really work are motherhood belly bands, postpartum girdles, postpartum maternity belts, and other postpartum items for mom.

Best Body Wraps to Lose Inches - How They Work and Are They Safe?

No matter what postpartum weight loss wait wrap you look at, they will sound sketch unless they provide belly compression.

Below are some products that claim you can lose weight with wrap.

  • Heat wraps for weight loss - You can use heat wraps to lose weight. With a combination of plastic wrap and lotion weight loss solutions, your body can burn fat from desired areas. However, heated plastic body wraps for weight loss might not be the safest thing to introduce to your vulnerable postnatal body.

  • Slimming belt after pregnancy - Most slimming body wraps make your abdomen area lose fat through slimming herbal lotions and a slimming wrap treatment.

  • Infrared wraps - you can read one infrared wrap review to know how they use heating cellulite wrap treatment to burn fat. However, we do not recommend using such a product since it might interfere with c section recovery. They work the same as heated or thermal wraps for weight loss.

  • Detox belly wrap - A detox slimming body wrap uses ingredients that are supposed to pull toxins from your body. However, the number of detox body wrap side effects sway us away from using them.

  • Spa body wraps for weight loss - Spa wraps to lose weight are by far the safest since they are slimming wraps using safe heat and compression. You can use spa body wraps to lose inches once in a while to avoid the side effects.

All these above solutions will make your skin appear tighter but will probably not be the safest way to lose weight post-pregnancy.

People believe in wraps that make you skinny because they only bring out the appearance without actually burning fat for the long run.

Most of the above-mentioned wraps to lose belly fat work for short-term results only and unlike the natural 3-in-1 Best Postpartum Belly Wrap that offers you sustainable, safe and comfort-first results.

The best shapewear for tummy after pregnancy allowed this lady to use a belly wrap to lose inches and enabled her to find the best belly band for pregnancy support.

When Can I Start Wearing Postpartum Belt After C-Section?

Every woman has different recommended times for when to start wearing a postpartum girdle.

It is always best to consult a medical health professional before you start using a belly binding wrap. Using a belly binder for c section delivery recovery is very sensitive and should be dealt with utmost care.

Women who have undergone vaginal birth can wear a belly control band just a few days after birth.

However, you should wait for a few weeks before using belly binders as a woman who has undergone a c section. It is best to only use a body wrap for stomach when your c section wound is completely healed.

Using a c section compression garment too early can be detrimental to your postpartum recovery process.

The compression belt for stomach can make your wound heal much slower than the natural process.

Therefore, waiting for seven to nine weeks before using a compression girdle postpartum is advisable.

Is it Too Late to Wear a Postpartum Girdle?

Wearing postpartum compression garments makes no sense if they’re only going to apply pressure on your belly after a month or so.

If you have not used a postpartum compression wrap after eight weeks, it might not be too late for you to start now.

Your body requires postpartum c section support for about four months. Therefore, you can start using a binding wrap even after two months of delivery.

However, if your body has started feeling put together after two months, it might to too late for you to start body binding after pregnancy.

Wrapping It Up

Choosing to use a maternity belt after c section is one of the most important decisions you can make for your postpartum body’s care.

A medical grade girdle will help your body recover quickly and will also help with body image and pain management.

Using a maternity belly shaper is a wise decision if you're looking to feel comfortable after you're given birth. 

We do not recommend you using weightloss wraps right after csection. However, you can use wraps to lose inches or an after pregnancy waist trainer in a safe manner later in your postpartum period.

However, using an after pregnancy belt should not be taken lightly. You should use a csection belly bad with caution to get the best results.

If you’re wondering are body wraps good for you, the straight answer is yes. And that's why we only recommend the best postpartum belly wrap there is.