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Emphecy was created to add passion, create compassion and to promote a community for self and social awareness through our love for jewelry and for jewelry lovers from all walks of life.

Being more than a jewelry store has always been our focus as we intend to develop more than just customers; we want you to belong to our community. 

Having strong roots in advocating of self-love through our Instagram, our jewelry intends to bring out the best in you to empower you in a community that helps you look good, feel good and do good.


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Join our growing community to fund innovations to combat the effects of climate change and global warming to make a positive difference for our environment and our future generations. 

Emphecy has enabled our customers to effortlessly and automatically donate to combat climate change with each purchase.

Each purchase made by our community goes a long way in our cause to raise awareness and to provide a positive environment for us and for our loved ones.

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