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LED Luminous Balloon Rose Bouquet



Amaze anyone and charm your way into their hearts with this highest level of a flower gift. Your huge artificial rose comes glowing in 3 romantic colors and are a surefire way to draw all the attention and to remind your special one of how important they are.


ATTAIN THE HIGHEST PEAK OF FLOWER GIFTS - No other floral gift is able to compete with us in terms of elegance and beauty. A gorgeous rose within a transparent bubble with decorative mesh and glowing lights - what else could we ask for in a gift?

HIGHER BEAUTY WITH A LOWER PRICE - Your florists will easily charge $70-$90 for a gift like this. By allowing you the creativity to set up in 3 easy steps, we are able to provide you premium affordability to fix it up in no time! Scroll down for your quick how-to's.

A GIFT TO CHARM ANY OCCASSION - These glowing balloons are perfect for any type of celebration from birthday parties, birthday gifts, family gifts, weddings, wedding gifts, Christmas gifts, Valentine's Day gifts, and many more gifts or celebrations!

A GLOWING ROMANTIC FLOWER GIFT THAT LASTS - You can choose to keep this as an excellent decorative item in your house as it lasts as long as the lights still glow and illuminate your transparent ball. 


LIGHT UP YOUR GIFT AND MAKE IT LOOK MAGICAL - An added layer of decoration that your typical florist is unable to provide or provide at a steep cost. We include that for free to ensure you have the best romantic gift for your loved one.

DURABLE BIONIC FLOWERS THAT LASTS - Flowers that never wilt! You get a more beautiful and vibrant rose that doesn't need to be changed out, taken care of or wilts. Keep it looking vibrant like the day you first bought it. 

PREMIUM HELIUM BALLOON LATEX THAT PRESERVES - Keep your bionic flowers safe within a latex balloon designed to withstand. It is also easy to wipe clean and remain looking fresh!

EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR A PERFECT GIFT - Everything you need to make the perfect gift comes in one package for your convenience. And we also teach you how to set it up in the most simplest yet elegant way!


Q: When I order, what will my package consist of? Does it have everything to set up?
A: Definitely! We include everything that you need to make the most romantic gift. The items are: 2X Round balloon (1 spare), 1X Warm Fairy Lights, 1X Eternal Rose, 1X Decorative mesh, 1X Pump, 1X Drawbar, 1X Support Column, 1X Ribbon.

Q: Can the lights go inside the balloons?
A: We recommend wrapping the led light around the transparent balloon with the transparent tape in the package. Putting the led light into the balloon will cause the knot too be slightly loose, which may cause the air in the balloon to leak.

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