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Party Rocker Shot Glass Dispenser

Have the best parties and meetups with a 6-in-1 automated Shot Glass dispenser and carrier!

Be the life of the party and easily pour for friends and family with ease with your choice of shooters glass, whiskey shot glasses or glasses for tequila! 

Combining the convenience of carrying your shot glasses and being able to enjoy your alcohol without interruptions, this is one party and social gadget everyone needs to keep around!

Pouring alcohol into a grey shot glass dispenser for 6 shot glasses


ZERO SPILLS, 1 DISPENSER, 6 TIMES THE FUN - Are you still pouring one shot glass at a time? There's no time for interruptions when you're having fun! Pour up to 6 glasses of your favorite drink in half the time with ZERO spills!

DUAL FUNCTION PURPOSE - Carry your shot glasses with your Dispenser as the base support has curved features to support carrying any glasses!

A hand carrying a shot glass dispenser

SUITABLE FOR SOFT DRINKS, ESPRESSO SHOTS AND ALCOHOL - Designed to support any glass type from shooters glass, whiskey shot glasses, glasses for tequila, vodka shots glasses or Jager bomb glasses!

EQUAL MEASUREMENT FOR EVERYONE WITHOUT A MEASURING SHOT GLASS - By pouring your drink or alcohol into the funnel from the top, the Party Rocker Shot Glass Dispenser eliminates the need for a measuring shot or measuring shot glass and ensures the accurate distribution for everyone. No more complaints and excuses from your friends!

The one Dispenser for your home that the savvy social would not want to miss out on!

Two women drinking from a shot glass at a party


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People taking shot glasses from a dispenser at a house party.


Q: Will this be able to hold custom shot glasses? I have a shooters glass and some whiskey shot glasses too.
A: Yes, most definitely. The Party Rocker Shot Glass Dispenser is able to hold custom shot glasses and even able to hold tall shot glasses due to the height in between the funnel and the shot glass. 

Q: I have a wedding and many festive celebrations coming up. Will these be able to hold wedding shot glasses as well as glasses for tequila and perhaps jigger shot?
A: Yes, it will be able to. As shots are often consumed in shot glasses, there may be different variations of shot glasses, however, rest assured, all of them would be able to fit tightly into the Party Rocker Shot Glass Dispenser for you to carry and consume.

Q: I enjoy taking my Espresso shots with my espresso shot glasses. Will they work with this?
A: It most definitely will. The width of espresso shot glasses and normal shot glasses are almost the same as both are often served in a 1.5 oz shot glass.