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Emphecy Smart Sensing Brake Light

Turn heads with this Smart Sensing Brake Light that's revolutionizing cycling safety!

Designed by cyclists for cyclists, our Smart Sensing Brake Light provides increased cycling safety through enhanced visibilityautomatic motion sensors and smart brake detection to provide you with extra security while you focus on your ride.



✔️ ENHANCED VISIBILITY WITH A WIDE VIEW ANGLE - With a 180-Degree field of view wide angle design, your Smart Sensing Brake Light will make you more visible for other road users during the dark nights or in the daytime. The ultra bright wide beam LED provides you your added security in safe riding. 

✔️ SAFETY SMART BRAKE SENSOR - A built-in and integrated accelerometer ensures accurate brake detection. With the sensitive brake sensor, your ultra bright brake light will instantly light up after braking. With a super bright output of 60 Lumen, it is highly visible from a distance and easily catches the attention of all road users around you.

✔️ RIDER PERSONALIZED SENSING FUNCTION - In Fast Flash and Breathing mode with light sensor, the flashing light will turn on automatically in low brightness and turn off in high-intensity light. Save your time and energy in switching your tail light back and forth!

✔️ WATERPROOF & RECHARGEABLE - With an extremely durable IPX5, your Safety Smart Brake Sensor is a waterproof against any weather conditions and from any angle. A built-in 400mAh Polymer Lithium battery comes with a USB cord that charges from your computer, wall charger, power bank or any other device with a USB port. After charging for 2 hours, the tail light can work for 25—50 hours in different modes

✔️ EASY INSTALLATION - Your choice of selection on your own preference - Saddle Mounting or Seat Post Mounting. Or why not both? Fits onto any bike. Convenience and most importantly, safety at your fingertips.




At Emphecy, we take care of our customers to a new standard. And that all begins with our customer experience.

Upon receiving your item, we offer all of our customers a 30-day replacement guarantee for any defects that affects your experience. We value all of our amazing customers, and will do whatever it takes to take care of you!



Q: What are the specifications of the Smart Sensing Brake Light? How heavy is it? How big is it?

A: It packs a huge power in its compact size! It weighs in at 55 grams including the holder. It measures in at 40 mm * 34 mm * 34 mm. 

Q: Am I able to use any compatible cable to charge the light?

A: You do not have to use any other cable as we provide you a complimentary charging cable in every package! We also strongly recommend you use ours instead of other foreign cables.

Q: I often take long cycle routes through forested areas. Is this light durable enough for that and will it last me throughout my ride?

A: It will. Our Smart Sensing Brake Light is made from Aluminium Alloy with a Anti-fall hard shell and is scratch-resistant. Combined with being waterproof, it is made to be durable through any environment. Each charge allows from 20 hours to 40 hours of usage. One charge is more than enough for a couple of rides!







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